Our co-founder Kim became interested in gemstones already as a child. He collected different rocks, examined them closely andread books about their special properties. His prized stone was an uncut amethyst he received from a Finnish gemologist. The gemologist told him that the stone could be the start of a great collection. Over 20 years later, Kim dropped his day job and realized a childhood dream by starting the Jurmo Jewelry product family. 

We aim to create custom-sized jewelry made of high-quality materials, combined with original design features. In addition to gemstones and precious metals, we want to challenge the norm by introducing distinct materials uncommon for jewelry. The pieces are inspired by Finnish nature, its landscapes and cultural heritage. All designs and quality controls are done in-house to guarantee that the products hold true to our values. The jewelry is assembled and finished by hand in Helsinki, Finland. 


The Seasons collection is inspired by elements of the Finnish seasons. During Finland’s four seasons, a spectrum of different weather formations occur, with nature reflecting these changes in beautiful and radiant colors. Each bracelet combines personable designs with the very finest pieces of nature.
The Archipelago collection celebrates the distinct features of the Finnish Archipelago. Design details mirroring traits of the Archipelago meet the elegant properties of precious metals and gemstones to form a distinctive combination. 
The Apex collection rushes into the fast-paced world of motorsport. The bracelets are made from materials used in racing vehicles, giving you a sense of the essence of racing – all on your wrist. 

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