The Ysi is a military-style flieger chronograph with strong ties to the history of Jurmo.


During the first world war, the importance of aircraft grew. In addition to being used for reconnaissance, they became a formidable way to fight the enemy. The M-9 seaplane was one of the early planes used in warfare.


In 1918, the M-9 was utilized to combat Finnish forces during the Russian civil war. The Finns used grit and determination to fight back and were able to capture nine of the aircraft from the Russians, later used by the Finnish Air Force. During the war, an air base on the Island of Jurmo served as a hangar and airstrip used by the M-9 seaplanes.


Ysi (Finnish for nine) pays tribute to the historical events connected to Jurmo and the courageous efforts of the Finns that captured the nine planes during the war. The watch is equipped with a flyback function, the go-to choice for pilots during the 1900s to navigate through checkpoints, restarting the timer at each point with one simple push of a button.


The design is inspired by vintage military pilot’s watches and markings of warplanes from the mid-1900s.

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